The Heartland Roots Band

The Heartland Roots Band

Brit-Country rockers The Heartland Roots Band have been enjoying a busy last three years, bagging awards for Group Of The Year 2021 in both The UK Country Music Awards, and ARC Radio Music Awards, as well as twelve chart singles including the number 1 smash ‘Bullet From A Gun’ which blew a hole through the iTunes Chart in November!

The group has spent the majority of the last few years tirelessly rocking the mainstream circuit of pubs and small festivals, packing in the crowds for whom Country music is either an undiscovered delight, or a guilty pleasure.

They take influences from traditional and modern country, Americana blues and rock, and create a sound which is truly unique in the British music scene, and they have shown the diversity of their work by charting in the Contemporary Country, Blues, and Rock, as well the Pop charts.

The band specialise in big harmonies, anthemic sing-alongs, blistering guitars, crackling keyboards, and rock-tight rhythms.

From August 2019, the band began releasing singles every three months, beginning with ‘Breaking Away’ and ‘Gasoline’ later that year, then ‘Hit Me Like A Freight Train’, ‘Country Miles’, and ‘Christmas in Paris’ through 2020, before ‘Two Feet Off The Ground’, ‘This Is Who I Am’, ‘Feeling Lucky Tonight’, and ‘Bullet From A Gun’ in 2021. In 2022, the singles kept coming with ‘Yell!’ and then ‘All That Glitters’.

Each of the twelve singles was released was an accompanying video, which further demonstrated the band’s commitment, not just to entertain but, to show the world the musicianship, passion, creativity, and sense of fun and togetherness that anyone who goes to a live show will recognise immediately.

The success of the band across streaming platforms (approaching two million Spotify streams), has led to independent radio stations worldwide playing their music on a daily basis, and the band’s online fan group boasting membership from every continent.

In late October 2021, the band took to the studio to begin the nine month long process of recording the new album ‘Something Better’, which is already shortlisted as UK Country album of the year 2022.

As The Sun Sets // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  1. As The Sun Sets // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  2. Come On Home // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  3. Hometown // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  4. I Will Never Let You Down // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  5. Runaround // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  6. Save It For Another Day // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  7. Take Me Away // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  8. Tangled Up // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  9. This Time // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  10. Unbroken // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  11. Unbroken (Piano Version) // Helena Mace - Unbroken