About Rachel


Rachel Sellick is a young aspiring researcher and director of Scarlet River Management. After being introduced to country music at a relatively young age, Rachel has always resonated with it’s honest, pure lyrical storytelling. Following two years of independently managing Danny McMahon which led to international touring, multiple award wins and #1 UK singles, Rachel felt that she had an ability to thrive in the music business world and as a result set up Scarlet River Management. Since its establishment in September 2019, Rachel has built a team of individuals to help grow the business and is currently managing rising country singer-songwriter Charlotte Young and Nashville recording artist Kyle Elliott. Her main focus is to establish connections and performance opportunities worldwide to work alongside artists and be a part of creating their personal vision. She has also been nominated for Manager of the Year and International Promotor of the year in 2019/20.

As The Sun Sets // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  1. As The Sun Sets // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  2. Come On Home // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  3. Hometown // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  4. I Will Never Let You Down // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  5. Runaround // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  6. Save It For Another Day // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  7. Take Me Away // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  8. Tangled Up // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  9. This Time // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  10. Unbroken // Helena Mace - Unbroken
  11. Unbroken (Piano Version) // Helena Mace - Unbroken